Business Partners Are...

PCCAPS goal is to strengthen the real-world skills our students are graduating with, so they will be productive employees in Utah and international companies. Any professional or company that participates as a mentor, speaker, client, guest instructor, curriculum advisor and/or an investor in the program is a Business Partner. (Last year 122 students completed 66 projects for 37 client companies with the help of 41 volunteer mentors) Do you have challenging projects that will train students in key skills for employability? Maybe a project that’s been on the back burner because of lack of staff? Our students want to make a difference for your company. Learn More

You Can...

There are many ways you can affect the future of our students and our economy. Click on those below to learn more.

Advisory Board

The role of the advisory board is to assure PCCAPS is targeting current and future job skills and industry trends. Tasked with curriculum, networking and funding assistance, the board partners with businesses, associations and governmental entities to maximize the effectiveness of the PCCAPS program. Contact us

What Businesses Have To Say

  • "The world of business is very fast moving now and the skills needed to succeed are evolving quickly as well. The traditional education process provides generally good fundamentals but PCCAPS can help make students much more ready. Learning more about how they can really make themselves valuable in an organization is a fundamental skill that was never talked about when I was in school. I also feel having students work in real on the job projects exposes them to what matters to people in Companies, what they think and worry about daily."

    Michael Kilchenstein
    President, RAMP Sports
  • "PCCAPS gives students an opportunity to interact with the real world giving them direction and an understanding of how school connects with their future careers. Adobe is in full support of the PCCAPS program."

    Mike Herring
    former VP Operations, Adobe