PCCAPS Courses


Business Strategy I-IV

No matter what career path or major you choose, you will be working with or for a business. You may even run one. Why not start now building the skills and experience to be boss of the business world? You will meet influential people (like a Director at Adobe) who write amazing college, scholarship and job recommendations. At PCCAPs we explore different areas of business including: marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, and more. PCCAPS project clients are in a variety of industries so there is something interesting for everyone.


Engineering I - IV: Not Just For Engineers!

As a PCCAPS engineer you will experience engineering design and development in a way few undergraduate engineering students do before they start their careers. Working with local firms you will take a systematic approach to problem solving that results in real solutions for real clients. You will design solutions, use our 3D printers to build prototypes, analyze solar opportunities and more. PCCAPS partners include SkullCandy, Elliott Work Group, Alliance Engineering, Mountain Regional Water, Siemens, Hill Air Force Base and more.

Interactive Design

Digital Design/Interactive Marketing I-IV: Print, Film, and Web Solutions

Dreaming of a career in the Design, Film or the online world? At PCCAPS you take part in marketing and commercial design from initial ideas, to concept and final client presentation. PCCAPS can be the jumping off point to a rewarding job now, during college or after college. In this exciting course clients include RAMP Sports, Overstock.com, Hugo Coffee, and more. Learn to create professional, well-designed logos, 2D and 3D animation, websites, and/or films to promote products, businesses, and events in local, national, and even international markets.

Software Development

Software Development/Engineering for the Innovator I-IV

Software is used for almost everything from life saving medical devices, robot control, 3D modeling, flight simulators, computer animation and games, to communication systems, product design, and more. We will match you with a client project taking your unique skills and ambitions into account. You may focus on the programming aspects of a project but this is not a programming course and while basic programming skills are a plus, they are not essential. (That said, if you want to do a lot of coding, you can do that at PCCAPS too.)

Teacher Education

Teaching in 2020

The rules for being a teacher are changing rapidly. As always, calls for "reinventing" education abound. What are the answers? Innovative thinking is needed and you can participate in a meaningful way. Learn what works in the classroom, interact with students, and create tools for student success. Guided hands-on learning in our schools will help you think creatively. At PCCAPS you will collaborate with teaching professionals to understand the new world of education. You will create a teaching portfolio by developing lesson plans, creating assessments, and teaching classes.