The Learning Experience at PCCAPS

PCCAPS courses are not like any classroom experience you have had. As a matter of fact, students are not learning in a classroom at all. Lectures, like in the real-world are rare. PCCAPS fast-forwards students into the professional "real" world. Students learn and experience this in our on-campus location, with offices, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, and also at client offices, production facilities, etc.

Students work in small 2-4 person teams to complete projects, interact with their clients and expand their knowledge in subject areas that interest them. Teams are often comprised of students in various disciplines. For instance, to create an iPhone app or game for a client, marketing, design and software development students would work together.

At PCCAPS instructors and mentors facilitate learning through the projects, workshops, guest speakers and field trips. Much of the learning is student driven. The majority of the course is project-based and individualized for the student. The key is, learning is taking place in the context of real projects for real businesses. PCCAPS instructors and mentors rarely impart information via lectures. They guide students in their exploration and toward project completion by asking questions, making suggestions and recommendations, and supporting each team's effort as needed.

PCCAPS courses are not an "easy A." They are intended to challenge and inspire the students. However, students do say it is a "fun A." If the student actively participates, their grade will be a good one.

Project Development Curriculum

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Which Courses Are Best For You?

It is hard for a student to decide on a college major or career path without having any experience to guide him. PCCAPS students explore careers and subjects that interest them. PCCAPS courses help students plan their future and find their passion. Students may take up to 4 semesters of PCCAPS courses. They have the option to take all 4 in one subject area or they may try different areas of interest. Available courses