Outsource A Project

Do you have a challenging project that will train students in key skills for employability? Maybe one that’s been on the back burner because you lack staff? Or another that needs more hands-on participants?

Our students can create a positive impact on your company at no charge. They can build iPhone and other software applications, design products, develop financial services tools, develop and execute marketing strategies, design architectural projects, create or build database infrastructures, help reinvent a pre-schools curriculum with technology, and much more. Let PCCAPS know what needs you have and we will work to match you up with qualified students.

Students are expected to contribute significantly to actual business needs and will be guided by instructors and mentors. This is not an internship program that requires a large time commitment from the business however,companies for whom services are supplied must participate, at minimum, with one weekly contact (email, Skype, in person) with students regarding progress and adjustments to project parameters, etc. Project Request Form

Examples of Free PCCAPS Student Services

1. Business Strategy

  • Business plan development and/or analysis
  • Marketing plan development – Including Logo development, Brand development and identity, content creation and management. SWAT/Market analysis, audience assessment and more
  • Social media marketing plans, design and development - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.
  • Website design and development - layout design and development for desktop and mobile including advertising, animation development, and social media
  • Graphic Design and development – Including logo design and design of branding campaigns of interactive media and promotional materials.
  • Mobile device applications – Layout and development including advertising and simple game design for promotion
  • Employee training in any area of technology or educational concepts
  • Instructional assistance for your company trainers
  • Tutorial creation for employee manuals, products, or activities
  • Consulting - Students provide their generation’s perspective for your company. Clients receive formal reports and presentations
  • Budget and Finance – Development and Analysis

2. Software Design & Development

  • Software solutions for internal applications
  • 3D modeling
  • Robotics coding
  • Game design
  • Simple software/engineering in various languages.

3. Engineering:

  • Robotics
  • Exploring sustainability for your commercial or residential development, business, production, etc.
  • Site analysis, development planning and design solutions
  • 3D modeling
  • Reverse engineering
  • Alternative Energy and options for your business
  • Innovative solutions for production challenges
  • Logistics improvement

4. Interactive Design: web, print, 2D and 3D animation, Film

  • Website design & Development
  • Videos
  • Logos and branding
  • Animation
  • Game design

5. Education

  • Curriculum and tools development for teachers, professional speakers and presenters.
  • Teaching specific content/lesson plans at grade levels pre-school-high school

Other types of projects may be quite viable for our students. Please contact us with any questions. We will make every effort to develop your project; requests, however, are subject to student availability.

All services are supplied at no charge. Any media buys or other large expense items needed for the completion of the company project will be proposed to the client for approval and purchase. We look forward to serving you!

Project Request Form

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